December 10, 2011


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There is a reason that every CEO of a publicly traded company has a Board of Directors. The Board’s job is to question, inform, and support the CEO and the company. The Board is often comprised of individuals of various ages, occupations, talents, and experiences and this eclectic group is intended to compliment each other’s strengths – to be better collectively than individually. This idea is relevant in our personal lives, as well. That is exactly why I am so thankful for my personal BOD.

There are times when we have all felt proud to say, “I did it myself – it was all me!” We ask our children, “Did you clean your room all by yourself?” “Did you complete that puzzle alone?”  But is that ever really true? Isn’t everything that we accomplish the result of the experiences, relationships, and opportunities that we have had along the way? Even the often mundane task of making dinner is the result of farmers, ranchers, grocers, suppliers, moms, dads, grandmothers, and countless others.

Just before Thanksgiving, my beloved 95-year old grandmother fell and broke her hip and wrist. My mom, an only child, was insistent that the responsibility for Grammy’s recovery and well-being fell solely on her, even as my sisters and I tried to share the load of discovery and decision-making. While we had no doubt that my mom would ultimately make the right decisions for my grandmother, we were committed to easing the burden that she felt. Countless doctors, nurses, social workers, cousins, and friends were on board as well and after three long weeks, her recovery has taken an upward turn! Like my mom, I have three children and as they have become young adults, I value and treasure their insights and knowledge. They often serve as my cheerleaders, confidants, and even my editors! I consider my children, husband, friends, family, clients, and colleagues to be extensions of myself and am proud and grateful for their contributions. These relationships add clarity, depth, and strength to my life! I fondly consider these treasured people my personal Board of Directors!

As the year draws to a close, it is a great time to identify your Board Of Directors. Who makes you stronger, wiser, and better than before?! Make this a time to not only identify these valued individuals but to acknowledge them. Sure there will be times when you want to exclaim, “I did it myself – it was all me!” Just remember that your personal BOD does not diminish your relevance or impact; rather it supports and enhances it!

Live well/Be well.


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