December 10, 2011


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The semester is almost over and distractions are everywhere! Winter break and the holidays are so close yet feel elusive with so much to do these final days.


Calm focus



Healthy eating




  • Prioritize the exams that carry the most weight and will be most difficult.
  • Create a calendar outlining specific study times and locations.
  • Organize study groups, if desired.
  • Add a constant stream of calm focus, remind yourself to remain relaxed, yet on-task.
  • Silence all distractions for 25-minute intervals then allow yourself a 5-minute break to “check in.” After four intervals, take a 30 minute break to fully recharge.
  • Sprinkle in a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep – (avoid massive consumption of caffeine which can backfire leading to anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia).
  • Plan study breaks – it is ok to enjoy coffee with a friend or go to a holiday party, as long as you plan for it.

You have worked hard all semester. Finish strong – there will plenty of time for relaxing and catching up with friends over your well-deserved break!

Live well/Be well


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