Pre-College Workshops


You have put incredible amounts of time, effort and financial resources into preparing to get into college, yet how much thought have you given what you will do once you get there?!! Over 1/3 of college freshman drop out before the end of their first year and half fail to graduate. For a smooth transition, there is much more to do than choose a roommate and pick out your bedding! Spend a few hours with other students from the Class of 2018 and begin to focus on your upcoming freshman year. Turn your apprehension and nerves into excitement and confidence!

Nine years ago, I commenced a program that focused on the health and well being of high school graduates embarking on their freshman year of college. Transitions are difficult at any stage of life, but particularly as students embark on independent living for the first time. Understanding how realistic expectations and early preparation can greatly impact those first challenging months and ultimately, your college experience, is valuable and important. We will discuss and explore what to expect, proactive steps to take, and how to achieve balance and control in your life at a time when freshmen commonly become overwhelmed.

Other topics include: Freshman To Do List,  Getting Connected on Campus, Roommates, Homesickness, Time Management, Financial Management, Stress Management, Choosing a Major, Class Selection Strategies, Roommates, Homesickness, Professors and TAs, Exercise, Healthy Eating, Sleep, Dating, Alcohol, College Packing Kit, and more!

Program is offered in some area high schools, as well as privately in a small group format.

To arrange a workshop for one to ten students, contact, 713-899-6159