October 3, 2011


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Are you the “smart,” “pretty,” “funny,” or “quirky” one?  Are you “a hard worker,” “a slacker,” or “a nerd?”  From infancy, we are defined by others:  “She is such an easy baby” (compared to who?), “He is so smart” (by whose standards?).  Later, we struggle to define ourselves as the athlete, the techie, the prep, or the intellect.  Throughout our lives and in different environments, our definitions of ourselves change.

How do you define yourself, or should I ask, how do you limit yourself? When we try to “define” who we are and what we will become, we impose needless limitations on ourselves and our possibilities.  We label ourselves so early in our lives that our perceived limitations are more likely to become reality due to lack of exposure, experience, or confidence, rather than innate talent. Can you imagine living with the same technology that you had twenty years ago?  Then why should you live with the same personal limitations that you set in the 80s?  As the world is changing, growing, and advancing, you can too.

What are your misguided perceptions and assumptions that keep you from stepping out of your comfort zone?  By identifying and addressing our personal definitions, we bring them to a state of conscious awareness where we are able to objectively address them.  Just because you have never been an athlete doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try yoga or run a 5-K.  Just because you couldn’t draw a stick figure in high school, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy an art class. I have clients who are exercising for the first time in their lives, returning to school, changing careers, and quitting smoking. Personally, I am addressing large audiences and authoring a newsletter- pretty surprising for a “shy girl!”   While the discovery process often brings on feelings of vulnerability and fear, it is from that perspective that growth ensues.

It is time to stop “defining” ourselves, and begin to “discover” all of our amazing, confusing, and often conflicting aspects. By living our lives in a quest for self-discovery and personal growth, we recognize that life is full of opportunities. While we may not know exactly where we will land, the fun is in the journey.

Join me and together we will challenge our “definitions” and begin the process of self-discovery.  Each moment, we have an opportunity to discover something new about ourselves. When we spend our time and energy on people and endeavors that interest and engage us, we create opportunities and relationships that we never anticipated. While honoring our values, the discovery process is sure to add joy, love, and excitement to our lives!

Live well/Be well.


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