March 20, 2016


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College Corner

March is a pivotal month for students; as temperatures warm and days lengthen, focus can be difficult. The month begins with exciting weeks anticipating and planning Spring Break, followed by the difficult return to reality – projects, due dates, and exams.

Spring cleaning may conjure the image of a middle-aged woman clawing through an avalanche of to-go containers after opening her kitchen cabinet. For a student, however, spring cleaning has a different and relevant significance.  When we clear our physical clutter, we clear our mental clutter as well.  When we organize our rooms, work spaces, e-mails, and assignments, we create physical, mental, and emotional space for clearer thoughts and priorities. Cleaning at this point in the semester signifies a reboot.  You have not returned to campus to ride out the semester, instead you are creating a fresh beginning with renewed energy for these very important final weeks of the school year.  

  • As soon as you return from Spring Break, go into your room, set a timer (2 hour minimum), put on some energizing music, and start clearing your clutter: pack it up to take home, throw out, or give away.
  • Next, organize and clear out your e-mail accounts.  Unsubscribe, delete, set up folders and filters.
  • Once complete, organize your weekly schedule in an hourly planner or e-calendar (Sunday morning through Friday afternoon). Your schedule should include desired bed times, class times, study blocks (designating location, time and duration), meals, and workouts. Friday night and Saturday are all yours – no calendar required!
  • Next, take an inventory of all remaining assignments and exams and put them in your planner at their due date and time.
  • Lastly, break papers, projects, and exam prep down into smaller parts and designate pre-planned study blocks you will use to complete each task.

This may seem overwhelming, but it can be done in a matter of just a few steps! Taking these few hours will set the foundation for a very successful, and far less stressful final push!

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